New Podcast is out

New Podcast is out

I always wanted to start a podcast and I am very happy to have finally started one. Now the challenge will be to maintain it and make it live over time (at least for one season).

I would be very grateful if you can share your honest feedback about it. This podcast must be relevant to you in the first place. Use this form:

A new dawn

A new dawn

I am releasing a new website these days to promote my business.

It can seem obvious for some or totally outdated for others (the Medium, Linkedin and/or Facebook users)

So, why do we need a website in 2019 ? Here are my few answers, ideas on the matter:

  • To get a personal – owned – real estate on the internet; your website is your home and this is where all your digital initiatives take roots.
  • To stay independent from major (social) platforms ruling the digital world; each time you post something on the social networks, the content you leverage can be exploited by those corporations without your prior consent. You are abandoning your rights to your copyrights.
  • To keep a space that you can use and abuse to test, iterate, improve at your own rhythm and corresponding to your own requirements. Basically to remain in control of your digital presence.
  • To master your main contact channel. A website is often part of a sales funnel; therefore the ownership of the people and relationships you will build through this channel is key for your business sustainability.
  • Maybe you have your reasons too (add them in the comments below)

In order to help evaluate your needs when starting a web project, I have put in place a kind of check list that helps initiate your reflexions and that will be very useful down the road while planning and starting to execute on the plan.

It is freely accessible here.

Remember this is a conversation starter to use when you engage with your digital agency or expert. This is not exhaustive but it provides good directions.

If you need to further discuss your digital projects, let’s have a quick phone chat !